Friday, April 29, 2005

How to PROPERLY play a female character.

(LOL - Marc)

Just like AA, it's a 12 step program. This is of course assuming you are a male, like 99% of the WoW population.

1.) Change your real life name to a girls' name. If your name is Michael, change it to Michelle. If it is Eric, change it to Erica.

2.) Create a new AIM account. Use the name you created in the first step and at least one of the following words in the handle - "cheerleader," "princess," "16," or "pink."

3.) Go to a free pr0n site and grab a couple "foreplay" pics of the same girl in an amateur gallery. (You know, the first two rows in a free pic gallery where the girl is in a suggestive pose but still has her clothes on.) Go ahead and grab a couple nudie pics of the same girl too. They might come in handy. Be sure to photoshop out the copyright logo at the bottom.

4.) Create a female crit.

5.) Start playing.

6.) When a fourteen year old hornball asks if you are really a "gurlz" say yes.

7.) If he asks for your real life name, tell him the name you created in step 1.

8.) If he asks for your AIM, give him the screenname you created in step 2. (You might want to use an IM manager such as GAIM so you can log into that account and your regular one at the same time.)

9.) When he asks for your pics, send him the pics you created in step 3.

10.) When he wants to cyber, make him wait. You'll get more free stuff that way. (I learned this trick from real life girls.)

11.) When he asks for your phone number, give it to him.

12.) When he calls, answer the phone and tell him your the dad and if he calls up here again he's going to get his shotgun. He won't call anymore.
Problem solved.

There you have it. If you really enjoy playing the fairer sex just follow these steps and you shouldn't have any problems convincing everyone that you are a real "gurlz"
How to: "2889296"

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