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18. Re: Silly in-game stuff that makes you laugh | 1/7/2005 4:47:49 PM PST

Crystal Lake in Elwyn Forest
Location of countless Friday the 13th movies.

The Slaughtered Lamb in Stormwind
Pub in American Werewolf in London.

The rogue guild of Stormwind is SI:7
James Bond works for MI:6 the british version of the CIA.

The bank tellers in Undercity are named, Ophelia, Randolph, and Mortimer.
These are the characters from the Eddie Murphy/Dan Akroyd movie Trading Places

The bank tellers in IronForge are named, Barnum, Bailey, and Soliel.
Circus names.

The bank tellers in Stormwind are named, Olivia, Newton, and John.
Olivia Newton John star of the film Xanadu and rock star from the 80s

Blubber Gump is the fisherman in Auberdine who talks about all the ways to cook crab
In the movie Forest Gump, Bubba talked about all the ways to cook shrimp

Woo Ping is the weapons trainer in Stormwind
Woo Ping is the legendary Hong Kong fight choreagrapher that choregraphed The Matrix and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.

Biggs and Wedge are watchers in the Swamp of Sorrows
Biggs and Wedge were both secondary characters that flew alongside Luke Skywalker

Return of the Ring is a quest stared by finding a gold ring in Gnomeragan that, "Fills you with great power and compells you to wear it"
Lord of the Rings humor

The One Ring is a treasure that can be found in Teldrassil, it adds one to every stat, "Not as good as the two ring."
More Lord of the Rings humor

Hin Denburg is an NPC on the Undercity zepplin platform
Hindlinburg was a zepplin that caught fire ending the riegn of the sky boats

Gnoam a Gnome in IronForge
Just a play on the spelling of Gnome.

Old Man Hemming in Booty Bay who sells the expert fishing book
Hemmingway wrote The Old Man and the Sea

The Samophlange qeust
Thundercats blooper video

"Fear the power of the dark iron dwarves!" said by Dark Iron Dwarves
Star Wars play on words

"Your a Mean One..." Quest where you fight the Abominal Greench
The Grinch that Stole Christmas and theme song.

"Gnogaine" quest where giver lamments his lost afro
Rogaine is a hair restoritive

Captain Vimes in Theramore
Character from Terry Prachett novels

Norman and Bates innkeepers in Undercity and Sepulture
Norman Bates was the lead charcter in movie Phycho

Terry Palin a lumberjack in Eastvale Loggin Camp
Monty Python team Terry Jones, Terry Gilliam and Michael Palin sang, "I'm a Lumberjack and I'm OK!"

Clarice Foster in the Thunderbluff Pools of Vision quest
Jodie Foster played Clarice Starling in movie Silence of the Lambs

Fooly and Cooly in Undercity Apothecarium
Fooly Cooly anime series

Red Mushrooms with white spots on caps purchased as food have two black dots on the stalks
Super Mario fought red mushrooms with white spots and eyes on their stalks.

Blue Punch Card in Gnomeragan reads "Do NOT let this information get into enemy hands!"
The binary code on bottom translates to, "The gnome king wears night elf underwear"

White Punch Card in Gnomeragan reads "Super Secret Triple Encoded Data Card!"
The binary code on bottom translates to, "Thrall and Jaina sing in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G"

Yellow Punch Card in Gnomeragan reads "Ulta Vital Data! Security Rating 5122!"
The binary code on bottom translates to, "If you can read this, you're standing too close"

Gaz'rilla, a named dinosaur in Tanaris (need instance name).
Godzilla a giant fire breathing dinosaur that terrorized tokoyo in a long series of movies.

Gamoo Rah, a named turtle in Blackfathoms Deep
Gamera is a japanese turtle monster similiar to Godzilla.

Tyler and Edwards are two undead NPCs that fight in the Undercity
Tyler Durden was played by Brad Pitt alter ego of Edward Norton as Narrator in the movie Fight Club.

In the NE corner of Golden Plains in Mulgore is a Monolith with some hand painting on it.
The paintings are Tauren influenced copies of ancient bull paintings of Altamira cave in Spain (12,000bc, and handprints from the Grotte de Chauvet in France (100,000+bc).

XXX (need NPC name) in Stormwind wanders around saying, "I'll gladly pay you on Tuesday for a hamburger today."
Blimpy from the Popeye cartoon often said this.

"A Tailor to Cities" clothing shop in Booty Bay
"A tale of Two Cities" written by Charles %@$%enson.

Klannoc Macleod "The Islander" is an NPC in the Barrrens
Connor Macleod was the Highlander in the movie of same name.

"Chasing A-Me" is a quest given by the robot A-Me 01 in Un'goro
"Chasing Amy" is a Kevin Smith movie.

Spraggle Frock is an NPC in Un'goro
Fraggle Rock was a Jim Henson muppet series on HBO in the late 80's.

Horde characters typing "hehe" will be translated as "keke" to Alliance players
I dont't get the whole keke thing, some japanese nerdish thing i think

Seaforium is an engineer created explosive to blow open locked chests and doors.
C-4 is an explosive used to blow open just about everything.

Emrul is a cooking trainer in IronForge
Emeril is a popular television cook.

Daniel Ulfman and Steven Bharteck are NPCs in the Undead newbie lands
Danny Elfman and Steve Bartek were members of the still influential 80's band Oingo Boingo, one of their biggest hits was Dead Man's Party (Danny Elfman still composes movie scores having done, Batman, the Simpsons, Edward Scissorhands, Spider Man, Nightmare Before Christmas, Beetlejuice, Tales From the Crypt, and a lot more)

Chief Engineer Scooty is a goblin standing near what appears to be a teleporter in Booty Bay
Star Trek, theres also supposed to be a Spork goblin with the Away Team on the other side.

Dextren Ward is an NPC tossed into the Storwind Stockades for selling corpses to the Undead
"The Case of Charles Dexter Ward" is a story by HP Lovecraft

Rand is a Blacksmith in Deathknell
Rand is the hero of Wheel of Time, his friend Perrin is an apprentice blacksmith

Algernon is an NPC alchamist in Undercity, he is holding a flower
"Folwers for Algernon" is a short story by Daniel Keyes

Lister and Zimmer are two gaurds in the Undecity
Lister and Zimmer were two of the main characters in the Red Dwarf TV show.

When clicked on orc peons will occasionally say "Zug Zug"
Not only a reference to Warcraft but also a refrence to the movie Caveman.

Wirt's Third Leg
Binds when equipped
One-Hand Mace
49 - 91 Damage Speed 2.30
(30.4 damage per second)
+9 Agility
+4 Stamina
Requires Level 40
My post is on what page after 2 minutes!?

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