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WoW Hunter Discussion -

1. Pet FAQ | 11/23/2004 9:42:09 AM PST

I posted this in the Hunter forums during Open Beta, so I saved it. Here it is.


I made a hunter. When do I get my pet?

Once you reach level 10, you may start a quest to learn the art of beast taming.

Who do I get the Taming quest from?

The second hunter trainer you run across will have a grey ‘!’ over his head. This is where you can get the quest.

Is the hunter quest race specific?

It seems to be region specific. You will tame local creatures.

Ok I got my taming quest and this rod. Now what?

Your quest will specify a creature you are to tame. It should also indicate the best location to find the beast. Find the beast. Walk up to it. Right-click the rod in your inventory. The beast will attack you. Stay still while the timer that appears empties. It will tell you whether your tame was successful or not. If not, try again.

What happens if I mess up and use all my rod charges?

Return to the quest giver and retake the quest.

I tamed my first pet on the quest. Now what?

Return to the quest giver. He will give you two more beasts to tame before you receive your skill. You have 10 minutes from the point of taming before the pet disappears. No worries though, it will still count as a completion (Not sure if the same applies if your pet dies).

Do I get to keep the creatures I tame on the quest?

After each phase of the quest, you will lose the creature you just tamed.

I finished all three phases and got my ability to tame. How do I get a pet now?

You can. Same as taming before, except no rod. You walk up and use your Tame ability.

Why can't I feed / revive / train my pet?

Once you have the Taming ability, talk to the trainer that gave you the quest. He will now give you another quest to learn the Revive, Feed, and Train Pet abilities. All you have to do is speak to the trainer he sends you to.

Where do I find the pet trainer?

I found my first pet trainer (as an orc) in Orgrimmar. I would imagine they appear in the major cities. Speak to a information person (city guard) to find out where.

What can I tame?

There is a sticky listing pets that have been reported as untamable. You can’t tame those. Aside from that the only rule is any beast equal or less than your level.

Where do I find (Insert Beast Name here)?

Explore the world, find new pets. Its part of the game. Besides, what makes a good pet is dependent on what you are looking for.

How long do I keep what I tame with my skill?

You keep it until you abandon it (See below)

How do I get my pet to appear?

Use the Call Pet ability. Your character will whistle. Your pet should appear in a few seconds.

How do I name my pet?

Click on your pet to target it. It’s picture and bars will appear at the top of the screen next to your character’s. Right-click on the picture and select Name. Then you type in a name and press Enter.

How do I use my pets abilities?

There will be a small toolbar that appears above yours, when you call your pet. It has basic commands like Attack, Stay, Follow. It will also have the pets abilities (like Growl and Cower in my Durotar Tiger). These are usually set to AutoCast. This means they will be used by the pet AI. To remove them off AutoCast, Right-click the box. Right-click it again to resume AutoCast.

Does my pet get stronger and grow?

Your pet does not grow, but it will level like you.

Can my pet learn new skills?

Just like you, the pet can learn skills. You must first learn them from a Pet Trainer. Once you know them, you can use your Train Pet ability to teach them.

[b]Where do these abilities (like Growl, Cower) come from?

Each pet will teach you its basic abilities to start with. You can then learn higher rank versions of these from a pet trainer, so you can teach them to your pet. Different pets will give you different abilities.

How do I train my pet? (Thanks to Tyramar)

Some pets come with abilities. As far as I can tell, all you have to do to learn that ability is use that pet in battle until you do. You will get a yellow text message saying that you learned a skill. You can then abandon that pet in favor of a new one, and repeat the process. Currently there are only 4-5 pet skills, and not all pets can use each skill.

Once you learn enough skills from different pets, you can have one pet (usually your favorite) learn them using the "Beast Training" skill. Simply click on it, and a list of all the beast skills you've learned will pop up, much like the list for your Hunter at your hunter trainer. You can then use your pets available Training Points on those skills and teach them to that pet.

A pet gets Training Points when its loyalty level goes up. This is easy enough. All you need to do is keep it well fed (Green Happy Face).

How do I feed my pet? What does that do?

You can feed your pet by clicking the Feed Pet ability and selecting a food item, or by dragging a food item onto your pet.

What is the symbol next to my pet when I call him?

The small coloured square with a face in it is an indicator of how happy your pet is. This can be raised by feeding your pet. This status raises or lowers your pets damage output. Green is best (125% damage). Yellow is normal (100% damage). Then orange, then red.

What does my pet eat?

You can find out by looking at the Pet tab on your character sheet.

What happens when I dismiss my pet?

Your pet will go away and await your next Call. This will lower the pets happiness. To get your pet back, just use Call Pet. Dismissing the pet basically stores it.

How do I get another pet?

You can only have one active pet at a time. You can either go to a Stable Master and store a pet, freeing up the room to get a new one. Note that you can only store two pets. Or you can Abandon your pet by selecting him and right-clicking on his name.


I hope this helps. I know there are a lot of pet related questions still. I am just a noob hunter trying to get the Basics out there for everyone to see.

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