Friday, February 25, 2005

19. Re: What is the weakest class in all of WOW? | 2/25/2005 9:44:12 AM PST

well it depends on if ur looking at pvp, pve, or both, or group pve or group pvp or all 4.... some classes excel some dont in some aspects

but OVERALL? thats near the top in all aspects of the game? heres my opinion in order of strongest to weakest

Paladin: Great at solo PvE, kills slow but can rarely die if played by a non-retard, great solo PvP, can outlast anyone if played smart, great group PvE, tank, rez, heals, plate, etc, Mediocre group PvP, no range and low dps

Shaman: Great at solo PvE, great at solo PvP, great at group PvE, great at group PvP, doesnt have utility of paladin though, crappy rez, not as high tank, but higher dps and has ranged

Priest: Mediocre at solo PvE, awsome at solo PvP(best if played correctly), great at group PvP, REQUIRED for group PvE

Rogue: Great at solo PvE, high dodge, lots of 'get away' abilities, high single target damage. Great at solo PvP, below mediocre at group PvE, good at group PvP, stun lock + group = dead before unstunned

Mage: Good at solo PvE not great though, downtime, Great at solo PvP, best at kiting and/or running away. REQUIRED for group PvE, dominate group PvP

Hunter: Best solo PvE, good solo PvP against some classes, mediocre at group PvE, great at group PvP(can stay at range and devestate enemies when not targeted)

Warlock: good solo PvE, mediocre solo PvP, above average for group PvE(AoE), great group PvP, DoTs 4tw

Druid: Okay solo PvE, okay solo PvP, okay in group PvE, below average group PvP

Warrior: below average solo PvE, below average solo PvP, REQUIRED group PvE, below average group PvP

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