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Skullsplitter Trolls a Good Gold Grind? | 2/16/2005 10:23:51 AM PST

Same old sob story. I’m 8 “bubbles” from 40 and am trying to gather my mount money together. I have 40 gold in the bank and have neglected my training, am wearing rags , yadda, yadda, yadda.. . .

Based on what I’ve heard elsewhere, I headed to Stranglethorn Vale to grind for gold for a level, and I’m wondering if I’m in the right place. I set up shop at the highest level non-Elite humanoids in that zone, the Skullsplitter Trolls. I’ve avoided the orange-con Trolls (and frankly the level 42 Beastmasters kick my keester), but am hunting everything else in the camp.

I’ve killed maybe 100 Skullsplitter Trolls and my income rate is a lot lower than I expected. Most of the Trolls drop less than a silver per kill (which is likely because they are hunted so heavily). And the drop rates on other stuff also seems real poor to me. I have looted only 1 piece of rare armor, which unfortunately was cloth with a spirit bonus so it will only sell for a low amount at a merchant. Except for Troll Sweets, (at a 25% drop rate for 70 copper sweet this isn’t much help), the junk loot drops have been non-existant (which may just be bad luck).

So here are my questions:

1. I believe that cash drops increase the longer an NPC is around. Thus, someplace which is frequently hunted has lower cash drops. Can anyone confirm this theory. Does this also affect loot drops or did I just have a bad run of luck;

2. Has anyone found a better place for soloers to farm cash? (I have only a limited amount time to to play this week and then mostly at odd hours

3. How much of the income from the Trolls is derived from the sale of Wildvine? Is this why this is a popular camp? And what do these sell for at most auction houses? Also, is there another drop like the wildvine I should be on the lookout for from these Trolls that sell much better at the AH than the merchant?
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2. Re: Skullsplitter Trolls a Good Gold Grind? | 2/16/2005 10:32:43 AM PST

For grinding, finding mobs that are 2-3 levels beneath you is better, as killing things quick is more important than killing tougher things with chances for more loot.

The only real thing of value those trolls drop is Wildvine, which, depending on which server you're on, can fetch anywhere from 50s-2g each. But it's not a frequent enough drop to make it worth the effort.

You'd probably have a much better go at ones that drop cloth routinely, like the Bloodsail pirates, or the various centaurs in Desolace, which are very plentiful, respawn often, are spread out for good grinding, and are about the right level for you. Stacks of silk go for 50-60s, and mageweave will go for 90s-1g50s depending on your server. It'll only take 10-12 kills to make a stack, plus you're netting the silver and odd greens they'll drop too. Far more effective grind than those stinkin' trolls.

And don't get yourself thinking you have to have the gold ready when you ding 40.. I didn't get my mount 'til 42 or 43. I thought it was more appropriate to buy my level 40 spells, which were quite a step up from the ones I had. But that's your call.

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