Sunday, March 27, 2005

7. Re: WARLOCK OR PRIEST? | 3/27/2005 5:55:11 AM PST

I have a warlock that has been 13 for a month .. and two priests that have got to 21 and 42 in less than a month. I love the priest class in this game better than any other I've played.

Ultimatly though I believe it play style. With Priest getting 20 can be a challange, but the play styles are different.

With Warlock you'll mostly be sicking pet, throwing in some dots, making sure to soul tap at death for the shards. I don't even fight when leveling mine warklock. Grouping wise, the pets will become more valuable (just about all solo will use the void walker) even then you'll mostly be using the imp or succubus. The strong plus is, less chance of death solo, a cool summoned mount, and the general lore behind them. Bads are a little bit slower level, dependence on space taking soul shards.

With Priest you'll mostly be shielding, smite and mindblasting (mind flay when you have enough talents). Early levels the shield will drop and you have the fun moments of freaking and trying to heal yourself and hope the shield timmer comes back soon. Higher level, mobs will be dead and you'll still have the shield up and untouched. And then comes the perks of grouping. Now I've allways played priests/clerics because I love getting into situations where I'm the life support of the group, so to me this is where the priest shines and becomes fun because keeping people healed in a good and mana effecient way (to me) is a blast. Goods: allways needed, strong in the higher levels. Bads: slower leveling at first, pvp = target
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