Friday, March 11, 2005


Constant updates throughout maintenance | 3/11/2005 10:00:53 AM PST

Well here we go again. It has been 15 hours since we have gotten any update on Frostwolf. Here is the quote from Blizzard, "We’ll do our best to provide you with constant updates throughout the maintenance period." So your best in no updates for 15 hours?!?!!? What is your idea of constant updates?!?!? Your customer service is a GOD DAMN JOKE! Tell us what the hell is going on with these servers we pay for.

I do not want 5 free days, I want a server that works and some customer service that is not total crap. You continue to have no clue Blizzard. Any one with a brain can read the boards and see how pissed players are and their constant complaints on how you treat your customers. Obviously you do not give a crap what your customers think, since you continue to ignore us.

Also you still never bother to answer why the same 20 servers are down. We get answers like the down times are not releated. BS, we are not that dumb. When the same servers have the same problems at the same time over and over and over and over and over it is petty obvious that they are related.

Quit lying to us about everything and start having some customer service. No wonder the Better Business Bureau gave you a F rating, that rating is way too high in my book. Thanks for nothing to the people who post on these fourms from Blizzard. You have no value to these boards and pretty much no useful information ever.

Here is to the worst customer service company in the world.

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