Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The Official WoW TeamSpeak Server! | 3/8/2005 6:49:46 PM PST

*This server was created by other companies/individuals that are neither affiliated with nor supported by Blizzard Entertainment.

Please help me make a popular TeamSpeak server. I INVITE ALL WoW players to join and chat with fellow players on my FREE TS Service.


- Channels PER Realm!
- Trade Channels, Quest Channels, PER REALM coming soon!
- Users are able to make SUB-Channels in their Realm channels!
- Users are able to make there OWN temp. channels with passwords!
- We use HIGH end GSM 16.4 Kbit codec for CLEAR communication!
- Will be monitored by Admins to insure similar guidelines which are enforced here.
- Permanent Guild channels can be created by e-mail request.
- Much Much more!

*NOTE* Only registered users can create channels. To become a registered user simple select the "self" menu and click "register with server" Then choose a login name and password. Next time you join you will need to select "registered".. type in desired Nickname, and then type in your Login/pw you created. This is done so we can track players who are not following our rules, or causing trouble.

The Client version of Teamspeak can be downloaded @ www.goteamspeak.com There are also intructions there to help new users.

NO server password to join. First time users please select Anonymous.

I am also looking for some mature WoW players to help Admin this server. Contact me @ wowts@hosting.ryzama.com

A website will be coming soon where I will post some guidelines and rules! For now there are 2 main rules for everyone to follow!

#1 Respect other players
#2 Since TS does not allow for temp. sub-channels. We ask you do not create multiple channels. Found doing this can result in a ban. Channel clearing (deleting all user created sub-channels) will occur on a regular basis. To help keep things organized!

We are always open for suggestions. This is all new, so please email us (wowts@hosting.ryzama.com)! Also not EVERYTHING is set up, and I will continue to improve this service!

As for everyone else! Join, idle, bring your friends. Spread the word!



Specs for you Tech Junkies.

Located in USA Californa DataCenter.
Internet Backbone Providers: XO, TimeWarner, Level(3), ICG Communications, AT&T, SGI, MCI, Williams, Sony, SBC.

The server is connected to these Backbone Providers via fully redundant, Telco grade core- and edge- routers from Cisco.

Dual 2.4GHz Xeon w/ 4+ Gigs of DDR ram provides the box for the TeamSpeak server.


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