Thursday, May 19, 2005

Best place to gold farm from 35-40

Go to the Shimmering Flats in 1000 Needles. To the northeast of the racetrack there's a ship sticking up out of the sand with a bunch of turtles around it. Kill 'em, skin 'em, sell the parts to the vendors, sell the drops on the AH, sell stacks of skins on the AH. If you wipe them out, move west to the pit and do the same with Basilisks.

You should get 3.5 - 5g per hour, not counting returns from the auction house.

I had the best luck with those. Others have recommended Raptors and Tigers/Panthers in Stranglethorn Vale.


these guys in dustwallow marsh:

Mudrock Tortoise

They have a 40% chance of dropping:

Speckled Shell Fragment

Which vendor for 45s 15c a stack.

They can also be skinned for Turtle Scales which you'll need for leatherworking 225+ quests.


Badlands is great, as mentioned. You may also want to try the human camps in Hillsbrad Foothills or the farious farms in Arathi Highlands. You can sell the cloth in the AH fairly easy so that helps as well.


Solo the Deadmines.

Disenchant items if you can, otherwise put them on the AH. Put the wool and linen up at the AH for the ridiculously high prices they sell for.

5-10g per run (45 mins) if you're smart about it


Badlands. Elementals.

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linen and wool sells fairly well??

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