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THIS is Why Priests Are Elitists

I originally posted this on the priest forum but I wanted to bring it to the general public to show you why we are the way we are in some situations.

It all starts with other people around them. Since priests are the least played and quite hard to find expescially on large servers so people do the /who priest command. They think "OOO a priest lemme ask him!" Regardless if the priest is in an instance they message, "Hey would you like to come do XX?" The priest replies "Sorry busy in YY." The other person says either "O ok srry to bother you." (good) or they persist, "Come on just come YY is worthless and we are better than that group you are with." You again reply "Sorry I really can't go, I'm busy in YY." They finally replay "ok w/e be gay !&$% you"

This just goes on and makes the priest more iritable.

Next scenario:
Youre sitting in your main city (IF or OG) checking the AH or trying to sell some enchants or even just hang out. Then comes Mr. 10-20 levels lower than you. "Hey would you like to come to ZZ (instance comparable to a 60 going to ZF) please?" You say "No thanks I'm busy." Doing your best to be polite. Now they either go away or say "Pleassssseee, we really really need a healer." You say "I'm not interested going to ZZ." Still trying to be polite but getting annoyed. Then they say "PLEASEE PLEASE PLEASE wee really just need a healer, plllllllllleeeeeeeeassssseee?" You finally pissed off and "I DONT WANT TO GO TO !&$%ING ZZ SO JUST LEAVE ME THE !&$% ALONE!!" So the guy storms off all mad.

3rd scenario:
You're in an instance for 54+ where a druid or a shaman can no longer can handle healing. Thats right SHAMANS CAN NO LONGER HEAL ALONE IN 54+ INSTANCES. Instances with no priest means you probably need a druid and a shammy to heal unless the druid is extremely good. But anywho, Youre in an instance like scholo or strat or UBRS and your team keeps yelling "HEAL HEAL HEAL." Basically, if your a DECENT priest, not even an extremely good one, you should know when to heal and/or shield. And if a person is screaming heal then they arent doign their damn jobs. They are typeing instead of using abilities. So meanwhile while they type you are healing (hopefully you are) and because they arent using abilities and just swinging they are losing aggro (warrior mostlikely). So your heal goes of and bang you got 2-3 people beating on you. 1 hit 2 hit 3 hit maybe 4 hits dead priest. Priest dead = group wipe. You get the blame clearly when its the warriors fault for typing and not using abilities. This is another reason and leads into the next one.

Next part: Priests get blamed for everything.
Ok you got a warrior, rouge, mage, you, and some other class. They think "PRIEST! OMG OMG PRIEST! WE ARE INVINCIBLE /flex!!" You go into the instance and Part 1 you got a crazy rouge. You pull a group of 3 people warrior is tanking them and when youre supposed to have an assist on he goes and attacks a different one. Meanwhile everyone knows that a leather wearer CANNOT TANK AN INSTANCE MOB WITH IN 2 LEVELS. So the rouge goes crazy on this other mob. Meanwhile you are healing the warrior cause hes taking some heavy damage from the other mob. The rouge gets the aggro and starts taking hits. Few seconds later he dies cause vanish isnt up or w/e. Rouge says "OMGWTFBBQZOo0RRZZ? WHERE WAS THE DAMN HEALING??!" You say "i was healing the tank, he is the most important one." Rouge gets madd and keeps yelling. End of story.
Part 2 : More healing aggro
Same instance. Pull goes good but the mage over nukes and gets 2 guys on him and a few hits later you have a dead mage. Mages if anyclass should expect to die the most. They do too much damage and get a lot of aggro and have no armor. They die and say" WTF blah blah no healing blah blah." You say "you cant expect to live long taking hits with cloth armor." More mage yelling... End of that one.
Part 3: warrior stuff
Ok same instance and group, but this time youi got a warrior who likes to use his 2h weapon cause it does UBBBERRR PWNZORING dmageing!!11!!1 and therefore loses 1800-2200 defense. So the warrior charges in with out sapping anyone and starts smacking them. Mage trys to poly but o noes the warrior is using cleave and whirlwind so it unpolys and in the mean time the warriors health is dropping faster than a naked mage with mage armor on. Warrior dies wipe... Priest gets blamed " WHERE WAS THE HEALING!??!?!?" You say "You cant expect to live long while using a 2h and getting attacked by 3 guys.

NO OTHER CLASS HAS TO DEAL WITH THIS! NOT SHAMAN NOT DRUID NOT PALLY. But because we are supposed be the UBERZZZ healing class doesnt mean that we cannot keep the group alive indefinately. And when we do good we NEVER EVER get a single compliment on healing. I will say I will always tell the warrior/mage/rouge/shaman/druid/warlock that they did a good job/taking/dpsing/healing/healing/supporting, Nice recovery if we get extra people. BUT NEVER DO I GET A COMPLIMENT ON HEALING NOT ONE NOT EVER. And people wonder why we are the elitists of WoW. Its all you other people who !&$% us over and make us pissed off.

Another thing is that people think that priests dont know $!@% about whats going on. Priests know more about whats going on than ANY OTHER CLASS in the instance. And if priests can play almost anyother class as good as the person playing the class can just from seeing all of the mistakes that people often make and knowing when not to make them. This is true because we have seen enough of other peoples' mistakes to know what to do and what not to do. So if a priest gives you a suggestion TAKE IT because they will know what they are talking about 90% of the time.
As I said before its all you other people making us elitists because of the things listed above.

Edit: Most of the druid shaman stuff is meant for shamans. Blah blah havent played a druid to a high level as if yet. And took out anti-druid crap after being somewhat pwnt

THIS is Why Priests Are Elitists: "3009975"

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