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Ultimate FAQ & Links

Draznar's Ultimate Profession FAQ & Links to other FAQs
(Please read entire FAQ before posting in forum.)

If applicable to an existing FAQ, please reply in that FAQ.

* * * Looking for someone to maintain TAILORING and/or SKINNING FAQs * * *

Here is the Unofficial Profession FAQ. Please help me flesh this out. This FAQ is dedicated to those in this forum that helped develop it.
Questions, comments, or suggestions can be put in a reply to this post.


Section 1 - FAQ Information and References
Section 2 - Profession Basics
Section 3 - Getting Started
Section 4 - Other Stuff
Section 5 - Links to Specific Profession FAQs
Section 6 - Links to Additional Resources
Section 7 - Training Information
Section 8 - Trainer Locations
Section 9 - Secondary Profession Expert Tomes
Section 10 - Secondary Profession Artisan Quests
Section 11 - Bugs and Issues List
Section 12 - No Seperate Forums & Post Tags
Section 13 - Thanks & Closing Comments


1.1 Where can I read the official details about Professions?

1.2 What about “Unofficial” details?

Obviously, this FAQ.

See Section 5 - Links & other FAQs in this FAQ

It is also suggested that you take a look at these two sites and get to know them: and

1.3 I have additional information for this FAQ, how do I get it to you?

Please reply.

1.4 Can I repost your FAQ on my website, guild website, etc?

No. Permission to repost or redistribute this FAQ remains at the authors sole discretion. You may, offer a link to this FAQ however.

1.5 Website X would love to host your FAQ, interested?

No. Maintaining the FAQ in more then once place does not appeal to me in the least, I don’t care how easy your website FAQ engine is.

1.6 What’s the official link to this FAQ?

1.7 What are your expectations of those that maintain the seperate profession FAQs?

See 6.5.

1.8 How can those of us in europe make suggestions or question your FAQ?

I will check the following thread every so often and will update and or respond her as appropriate.


2.1 What are the different classifications of tradeskills?

Type: Primary and Secondary. You may choose upto two (2) Primary Professions. You can take all of the Secondary Professions.

Category: Gathering, Production, and Service. Gathering Professions collect resources or materials that can be made into to items by Producing Professions. Service Professions provide services such as enhancing an item or healing a player.

2.2 What are the Primary Professions?

Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Enchanting, Engineering, Herbalism, Leatherworking, Mining, Skinning, & Tailoring.

2.2 What are the Secoundary Professions?

Cooking, First Aid, & Fishing.

2.3 What are the Gathering Professions?

Fishing, Herbalism, Mining, & Skinning.

2.4 What are the Producing Professions?

Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Cooking, Engineering, Leatherworking, & Tailoring.

2.5 What are the Service Professions?

Enchanting & First Aid.


3.1 How do I learn a Profession?

Train in as an Apprentice in that profession from one of the begining trainers for 10 copper. You will find a few scattered about, but most can be found in the major cities near the starting areas.

3.2 Where are the professional trainers?

Ask a guard! Guards will tell you where to find trainers and other services in most areas. (Right click on Guard. Select Professions. Select Desire profession. Click Goodbye.) Look for the arrow and flag on your radar.

3.3 How do I actually use my profession to create an item?

Open your skill list ("P") and click on the profession icon to bring up the profession's particular creation menu. The menu tells you what you can make, how many you can make given your current inventory (bank not included!), and the required ingredients for your recipe/pattern.

3.4 How do I create several items at once?

In the bottom left corner of the trade interface, there is an area where you can select how many of a specific item you want to create. There is also a "Create All" button that will create as many copies of the item as you can.

3.5 What are recipes used for?

Recipes are instructions on how to make a specific item? They allow you to make the item once you have the required materials and the necesary tools. You must have a recipe for a particular item in order to create the item.

3.6 Where can I get recipes?

You will start with a few recipes when you first train in a profession. Many recipes are available from the same in-game trainers who teach a specific trade skill. Other recipes are found through various vendors around the world or on the corpses of slain monsters.

3.7 Can I fail when crafting

No. When you craft an items, you always make that item, so there are no wasted materials.

3.8 Do you need a new recipe every time you attempt to create an item?

No. Once you have learned a recipe, you will remember it unless you unlearn the skill.

3.9 How do I know what the stats are on an item before I make one?

Hovering your cursor above the item icon and you will see that stats for that item.

3.10 What items are used in crafting?

The list is to long to post. A general rule is to look at the color if the items name. Grey items are vendor trash, sell these to a vendor. All other items are to be used or can be used in a profession. Use Thottbot for more information on an items.


4.1 Which tradeskills should I take to earn money?

This is a much discussed issue, I'll give you my general thoughts on this. First I recomend that you take the ones that interest you the most or compliments your profession. With that said, the clearly most profitable professions are the gathering professions. All other professions need material and they will often buy them from others. So if all you want to ocus on is money, then take skinning, and either herbalism or mining.

4.2 What good is crafting, if most drops or quest rewards are better than most crafted items?

Crafted items aren't meant to totally replace all your items. Rather, it is meant to be worn in a few spots, with the majority of your equipment coming from quests and hunting. - Tyren (Answer given in reference to leatherwork)

4.3 Which professions are a good complement to my class?

Druid - Skining/Leatherwork

Hunter - Skining/Leatherwork or Mining/Engineering

Mage - Tailoring/Enchanting or Skining/Tailoring

Paladin - Mining/Blacksmithing

Priest - Tailoring/Enchanting or Skining/Tailoring

Rogue - Herbalism/Alchemy or Skining/Leatherwork

Shaman - Skining/Leatherwork

Warlock - Tailoring/Enchanting or Skining/Tailoring

Warrior - Mining/Blacksmithing

PVP - Mining/Engineering (provides extra range, damage, and snare capablitity)

Money Making - Minning/Skinning or Herbalism/Skinning

Note these are up to debate. I recommend that everyone takes all the secondary skills. If you solo alot you might want to do Herbalism/Alchemy.


5.1 Where can I get more specific FAQ for my profession?

Roriandris' Alchemy FAQ

Raoul's Blacksmithing FAQ

Draznar's Cooking FAQ

Jaywu's Enchanting FAQ

Rasmfrackn's Engineering FAQ

Draznar's First Aid FAQ

Draznar's Fishing FAQ

Roriandris' Herbalism FAQ

Emli's Leatherworking FAQ

Tessie's Mining FAQ

Zarzz's Skinning FAQ

XXX's Tailoring FAQ See FAQ Repository let me know if you would take over this FAQ.

Laenis' Lockingpicking (Rogue) FAQ

[b]FAQ Repository[b] hosted by the Azerothian Trade Union at hold back-ups of our FAQs incase Blizzard's forums delete them/


6.1 What other information posts should I check out?

Tessie's Auction House FAQ Needs to be reposted

Alumriel's Profession PDFs

Wilhelm's Gathered Crafting Materials List & Beta Server Price List

6.2 What other resources do you recommend?

Thotbott (The quickest WoW DB)

Allakhazam (Another great DB)

Azerothian Trade Union (Invitation only forum to discuse methods of making money in WoW)

Cosmos User Interface (A great help with professions)

Zalla's Guide for Collecting Non-Com/Small Pets

Reputation FAQ

6.3 I can't find a good FAQ or Guide for XXX?

Feel free to start one or check through some of the fan sites. See next 2 questions.

6.4 I started an FAQ (or other usefull thread) in this forum, how do I get it added here?

If I have not already added it, reply to this with the link and I'll see about adding it. See 6.5.

6.5 What are your expectations of those that maintain the seperate profession FAQs?

Once a week make sure it is bumped to avoid deletion.

Make revisions as needed. Keep it current. Just a quick reminder these are frequently asked questions, not all questions.

Notify me after major revisions, so we can maintain backups.

If you see questions posted that are answered in an FAQ, point them to the FAQs.

Suggestion for creating the FAQ. Reply imediately after posting a few times to reserve space for expansion.

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2. Draznar's Ultimate Profession FAQ p. 2 | 11/24/2004 12:54:04 PM CST

Draznar's Ultimate Profession FAQ & Links to other FAQs - P2


7.1 What are the different levels/ranks in the professions?

Note: Gathering, Cooking & First Aid Professions do not have level requirements.

Rank (Min - Max Skills), Min Level, Cost.

Apprentise (1-75) Lvl 5, 5 copper

Journeyman (50-150) Lvl 10, 5 silver

Expert (125-225) Lvl 20, 50 silver

Artisan (200-300) Lvl 35, 5 gold

Note: Secondary Professions do not train for Expert & Artisan. See below.

7.2 How do I do I become an Expert or Artisan in Secondary Professions?

Expert: By reading that Professions Expert Tome. They cost 1 gold.

Artisan: By completing a quest. Must be level 40.

Details can be found below.

7.3 How do I know which resources or recipes will boost my skill?

Resources and recipes are colored-coded according to the likelihood that harvesting/creating the item will increase your skill.

Red items are items that you may not yet make or harvest.

Orange items will always increase your skill when created or harvested.

Yellow items will sometimes increase your skill when created or harvested.

Green items will rarely increase your skill when created or harvested.

Gray items will never increase your skill when created or harvested.

7.4 Why am I not getting any more skill-ups?

You have reached the highest skill points for your Rank. Go train to the next rank.

You need to move to a harder recipe or material. Each item has a range where it is to easy to make/gather to continue to earn skill-ups. Go find the next recipe/resource.

7.5 How do I "unlearn" a profession?

Go to your skills panel (hit "K") and highlight the skill you want to forget. It'll show up in the lower panel and next to it you'll have one of those circle with a slash "No" symbols. Click on that symbol to forget the skill. A dialogue box will confirm your choice.

Any items that you had equiped that required required the un-learned skill will be un-epuiped next time you login and will be in your backpack.

If you ever want to learn this profession again you will just start out as a novice (0 skill) with only the starting recipes.

Warning: Unlearning does not clear specialization.

7.6 How do I do I become a "Master"?

Master is an NPC only title for those that can train Artisan. The highest a player can train is Artisan.

[b]7.7 Complete Trainer List


8.1 Where can I find the Journeyman & Expert Trainers?:

I am not including these at this time, since they are so many of them and easy to find.

Ask a guard! Guards will tell you where to find trainers and other services in most areas. (Right click on Guard. Select Professions. Select Desire profession. Click Goodbye.) Look for the arrow and flag on your radar.

8.2 Where can I find the Gathering Profession Trainers?

Gathering Trainers (Herbalism, Mining, & Skinning) can train all levels of that profession. So go visit the closest trainer.

8.3 Where can I find the Artisan Trainers (For training in Expert)?

Alchemy - Ainethil in Darnassus (A) or Doctor Herbert Halsey in The Undercity (H)

Blacksmithing - Bengus Deepforge in Iron Forge (A) or Saru Steelfury in Orgrimmar (H)

Enchanting - Kitta Firewind in Elwynn Forest (Tower of Azora) (A) or Hgarth in Stonetalon Mountains (H)

Engineering - Springspindle Fizzlegear in Iron Forge (A) or Roxxik in Orgrimmar (H)

Leatherworking - Telonis in Darnassus (A) or Una? in Thunder Bluff?

Tailoring - Georgio Bolero in Stormwind City (A) or Josef Gregorian in The Undercity (H)

8.4 Where can I find the Master Trainers (For training in Artisan)?

Alchemy - Kylanna Windwhisper in Feralas Feathermoon Stronghold) (A) or Rogvar in Swamp of Sorrows (Stonard) (H).

Blacksmithing - Brikk Keencraft in Stranglethorn Vale (Booty Bay) (A/H).

Enchanting - Annora in Uldaman (within instance, near bats) (A/H) to get to her you go right from the "Raiders of the lost ark room". After you go right there are 3 passages you go right past a pit full of non-elites then there is a fork and go right once more. There you will fine another pit full of non-elite scorpids you have to kill them all before the trainer will come out.

Engineering - Buzzek Bracketswing in Tanaris (Gadgetzan) (A/H)

Leatherworking - Wark Nightsky in Hinterlands (Aerie Peak) (A) or Hahrana Ironhide in Feralas (Camp Mojache) (H)

Tailoring - Timothy Worthington in Dustwallow Marsh (Theramore Island) (A) or Daryl Stack in Hillsbrad Foothills (Tarren Mill) (H)

8.5 Where can I find the Special Trainers?

Master Dragonscale Leatherworker - Peter Galen in Azshara (Near base of road to The Forlorn Ridge) (A) or Thorkaf Dragoneye in Badlands (H)

Master Elemental Leatherworker - Sarah Tanner in Searing Gorge (A) or Brumn Winterhoof in Arathi Highlands (North of Stromgarde Keep, west of cross roads) (H)

Master Gnome Engineer - Tinkmaster Overspark in Ironfprge (Tinker Town) (A) or Oglethorpe Obnoticus in Stranglethorn (Booty Bay) (H)

Master Goblin Engineer - Nixx Sprocketspring in Tanaris (Gadgetzan) (A) or Vazario Linkgrease in The Barrens (Ratchet) (H)

Master Shadoweave Tailor - Jalane Ayrole in Stormwind City (Westside of Mage Quarters) (A) or Josephine Lister in The Undercity (The Magic Quaters) (H)

Master Tribal Leatherworker Caryssia Moonhunter in Feralas/Thousand Needles (A) or Se'Jib in Stranglethorn Valley (Mouth of River to Lake Nazferiti) (H)

Note: Use Thottbot or Allakhazam to map these people if you need help finding them.


9.1 Where can I find the Expert Tomes?

Expert Cookbook: Shandrina in Ashenvale (Silverwind Refuge) (A) or Wulan in Desolace (Shadowspray Village) (H)

Expert First Aid - Under Wraps: Deneb Walker in Arathi Highlands (Stromgarde Keep) (A) or Balai Lok'Wein in Dustwallow Marsh (Brackenwall Village) (H)

Expert Fishing - The Bass and You: Old Man Heming in Stranglethorn Vale (Booty Bay)

Each book cost 1 gold.

See individual Profession FAQ for more information on finding these vendors.


10.1 what are the requirements for the Secondary Artisan Quests?

Level = 40

Skill = 225

I repeat you need to be at least level 40 and have maxed your skill at 225.

10.2 Where can I find the Cooking Artisan Quest:

Note: See 11.1 on Artisan Bug.

Alliance Start: Starts with Daryl Riknussun in Ironforge near the grif platform at the forge.

Horde Start: Start with Zamja in Orgrimmar in the third house on the right on the near the Valley of Strength in the Drag.

You can skip the starter and go directly to Dirge Quikcleave.

Both send you to speak with Dirge Quikcleave in Tanaris (Gadgetzan).

Dirge is the slayer of sorrows for anyone not high enough to hunt the rocs in the area. You need to provide the quest giver with 12 giant eggs, 10 Zesty clam meat, and 20 alterac swiss.

Bug Warning: Make sure you have ingredients to cook something for a skill up to 226 before leaving the area. You can cook with the huge bon-fire in Gadget. It's around the corner behind the inn.

Giant eggs Are a commin drop off Level 40+ Rocs in Tanaris (plenty near Gadgetzan) or Owlbeasts in The Hinterlands.

Zesty Clam meat can be looted out of Big-mouth Clam (container) that drop off of the Muckshells and Threshers in Dushwallow Marsh, Naga Explorers in Stranglethorn Vale, or Hatecrests in Feralas.

Alterac Swiss sells for 40 silver per stack of 5 from Ben Trias in Stormwind City (Cheese shop just inside gates) (A) or Inkeeper Sikewa in Desolace (Shadowsprey Village) (H). For other vendors (

10.3 Where can I find the First Aid Artisan Quest?

Note: See 11.1 on Artisan Bug.

Alliance Start: Starts with Nissa Firestone in Ironforge near the Military Ward at the forge.

You are sent to speak with Doctor Gustaf VanHowzen in Dustwallow Marsh (Theramore).

Horde: Start with Arnok in Orgrimmar in the Valley of Spirits.

You are sent to speak with Doctor Gregory Victor in Arathi Highlands (Hammerfall).

Triage: He will have you triage 15 patients in a certain order before 6 die. You will be in a room with 6 cots (make sure you can see all 6 cots). You will have special triage bandages (add them to your action bar) which should be applied to Critically injured, then Badly injured, and then injured.

Bug Warning: Make sure you have plenty of Mageweave Cloth to make some bandages for a skill up to 226 before leaving the area.

10.4 Where can I find the Fishing Artisan Quest?

Note: See 11.1 on Artisan Bug.

Alliance Start: Starts with Grimnur Stonebrand? in Ironforge?

Horde Start: Start with Lumak in Orgrimmar (Valley of Honor).

Both send you to speak with Nat Pagle in in Dustwallow Marsh (Theramore Island).

Nat Pagle wants you to four different fish; Feralas Ahi, Savage Coast Blue Sailfin, Sar'theris Striker, & Misty Reed Mahi Mahi.

Bug Warning: Make sure to right after for a skill up to 226 before leaving the area.

Feralas Ahi is a rare drop in Feralas (Verdantis River).

Savage Coast Blue Sailfin is a rare drop in Stranglethorn Vale (The Savage Coast)

Sar'theris Striker is a rare drop in Desolace (Sar'theris Strand)

Misty Reed Mahi Mahi is a rare drop in Swamp of Sorrows (Misty Reed Strand)

Draznar's Profession FAQ

3. Draznar's Ultimate Profession FAQ p. 3 | 11/24/2004 1:13:58 PM CST

Draznar's Ultimate Profession FAQ & Links to other FAQs - P3


11.1 Secoundary Profession Artisan Quests

Several users have completed the quest and had level changed to Artisan, but skill is maxed at 225, not 300. Bug was discovered in mid December. Last update from GM was "Unfortunately, as of yet we have no resolution for this issue." (1/25) or "Unfortunately at this time our staff is still looking into what is causing the issue. We have no way of resetting secondary professions at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience." (2/2)

To prevent bug, make sure to skill up to 226 before leaving the zone. This means you should have all the stuff you need to make at least one skill up with you, when you complete the quest.

11.2 Training

Trainers for certain professions (e.g. enchanting) show all required materials when listing formulas/recipes/plans etc. available to be learned. This information is clearly quite helpful in determining whether or not to spend the money to learn a given formula/recipe/plan etc. However, this information isn't displayed for all professions (e.g. blacksmithing, tailoring).

11.3 Alchemy[/b]

Gift of Arthas: Every time it goes off it automatically removes another potion from the players inventory. This can be avoided fixed by taking one off the stack and using that one.

11.4 Cooking

Dragonbreath Chili: Every time it goes off it automatically removes another chili pot from the players inventory. This can be avoided fixed by taking one off the stack and using that one.

Winter Squid: No longer being caught in the game.

11.5 Enchanting

Enchant Gloves - Minor Haste: Lowers your dps, has since beta.

Enchant Weapon - Fiery Weapon: Causes problems with abilities like heroic strike, and raptor strike, ie, attacks that add so and so much damage to your next attack, the attack goes through, but you don't do your weapon damage, just your proc damage from the enchant.

11.6 Engineering

Cloaking Device: Quite often the "ten second invisibility" only last for three seconds. Any enemies that had you targeted before you activated the cloak can still see you and follow you around, and any damage dispels the cloak.

Gnomish Rocket Boots: Sometimes the speed boost only lasts for ten seconds instead of the listed 20.

Gnomish Universal Remote: After about 5 seconds everyone disappears except the robot deing controled.

Goblin Land Mine: Don't work, even when a mob walks right over it.

Small Seaforium Charge: don't open chest like the website states. Either change them our update the website.

11.7 Fishing

53lb Grouper: This trouphy fish cannot be equiped. No showing off our fishing skills.

Lucky Fishing: Apears to be missing from the game. This was a great item in BETA. UPDATE 02/25/05 by Ordinn - "It accidentally was removed during the fishing fixes that were implemented to prevent gold farming. The developers are now aware, and they are going to work the Lucky Fishing Hat back into the game in an upcoming patch."

11.8 Leatherworking

Rugged Leather: There is no leatherworking conversion from Thick Leather to Rugged Leather. (Is this a bug or intended?) UPDATE This will be fixed in the next patch.

11.9 Mining

Multiple Skillups: Rogues can get another skill-up by picking a lock after their first loot and then mine again. Need to see if crafting has the same effect.

11.10 General

Bugged nodes: Some nodes will be bugged, such that after trying to loot them you will get stuck in the loot crouch and not be able to loot the node. This is simular to the lag issue, but happens with no lag. This has been found in Herbalism, Mining, & Skining.

Full Inventory Attempting to craft something with insufficient inventory space for the new item results in the item not being produced, but the materials are still consumed (and skill-ups are possible). Instead, the attempt should fail and a dialog to the effect "Not enough inventory space" should be displayed.

Quests: If you're wearing a copy of the item you are turning in, it will take the one you're wearing, enchants and all.


12.1 Seperate Profession Forums

Many have requested that each profession be given its own forum. There is a long Petition to this effect, but Caydem has stated, "we do not plan on splitting the Professions forum, as it would require even more moderation and we are spread too thin as is."

Petition Thread:

Caydiem's response:

12.2 Post Tags

In an effort to help break up the post we are asking people to tag their post with the following tags at the begining of the subject.

12.3 Examples of Post Tages

[ENG] What is the level cap for Artisan Engineering?

[HER] Where can I find Goldthorn?

[ALC] Why does wildvine cost more than the potions?

12.4 List of Post Tags

[GEN] General Question

[HER] Herbalism

[FIS] Fishing

[MIN] Mining

[SKI] Skinning

[ALC] Alchemy

[BLA] Blacksmithing

[COO] Cooking

[ENG] Engineering

[LEA] Leatherworking

[TAI] Tailoring

[ENC] Enchanting

[FIR] First Aid


I would like to thank the following people:

A special thanks to Caydiem for giving us a Sticky.

Tyren for the quick answer, even though it was a no. Thanks for the compliment.

Alumriel, Emli, Eran, Faltigoth, Lloran, Raoul, Rasfrackn, Tessie, and Zarzz for coming through with the specific FAQs.

Haze, Terial, Veev, Wilhelm, Zalla, and Zifna for supporting information

Last but not least to all those who have posted on our threads that have helped us impove the FAQs.

Please do not repost this FAQ! Feel free to link it as we are constantly trying to update it.

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